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(Black) Women and girls need protecting too…

27 Oct 2015 | Categories: Blog, panels | Posted by: TastyKeish

This post is adapted from my visceral facebook post reaction to South Carolina School Security Officer Bed Fields slamming and dragging a teenager out of her chair for “resisting arrest.” News story available here

You better believe i’m gonna speak on this low life scumbag Ben Fields on TK in The AM. There is no world and by no world I mean there is 97% chance that a white child would not get SLAMMED and DRAGGED in her classroom in front of other white children and a teacher. Why does it happen to us? Why are we exempt from simple human rights? A guy kills 9 people in a church and he gets Burger King. A child may or may not have sassed a police/security officer and gets this. Sass will get you dragged and slammed down. Sass will get you shot and killed at a traffic stop. (‪#‎SandraBland‬ et al.)

I will never stop speaking up for children of color. I will never stop protecting them. I will never soften the conversations down to “can’t we all just get along” cause that’s a lie. We can’t trust the textbooks, we can’t trust elected officials, we can’t trust law enforcement. All we have is us. The sooner we unlearn the bullshit the sooner we’ll be able to support our young people.

This weekend, I came from a beautiful event that I had the pleasure of being a supporting part of for my 3rd year in a row, The Black Girl Project Sisterhood Summit. It was the most beautiful thing to have a space for just young women/girls and their caregivers to be free, to be emotionally vulnerable, to say what they need in the world to flourish and get it from each other. I will never ask to integrate that space because we need spaces to be together. To let our guard down to say to each other “You are not crazy, That happened to me too.’ To say it in our special brand of vernacular without having to explain what it means. to be together when so much is trying to tear us apart.

Sisterhood Summit Movement workshop.

Sisterhood Summit Movement workshop.

One last thing, I worked at a great camp 10 years ago and there were few children of color. I had a moment of realizing how young we are when we realize we are “different” and why it’s important for me to be a proud Black/Haitian American woman everywhere I go- because this young girl came to me and expressed that she came to find me because there was no one else that looked like her and she wanted to talk. So we talked. I think she would be 17/18 years old now. It was that moment I REALLY realized that we need to see ourselves everywhere while holding safe space for each other.

No we can’t all just get along. Not like this.

What can you do to help?

Email: & call (803) 576-3000 to voice your anger at the brutality of Officer Ben Fields against this female student.

Don’t know what to say? THIS 45 second script can help. 




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