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Thoughts on the BLU Studio X

02 Mar 2015 | Categories: Blog, Multi Media Gallery, Multi Media Gallery, Video | Posted by: TastyKeish

I’m a big fan of finding alternative ways of doing things. I’m a bit frugal but I like nice things.  So when my iPhone 4 started to look like it got hit by a mac truck and all the iOS updates started to pass me by, I looked into going back to #teamAndroid.

dead iphone


One thing that Apple doesn’t have the market cornered on is how expensive cellphones unnecessarily are. I refused to believe that I have to pay 4, 5, $600 for a cell phone no matter the brand. NOPE. NOT ME.

I already have a no contract sim card so I looked for an unlocked phone which you can get from a lot of places but I wanted to go with a brand that while unknown to most has a track record of making phones, they have an American phone number that you can call and ask questions and they have been at all the trade fairs. All this led me to BLU phones.


I noticed they were slow rolling their new suite of phones out via Amazon but I bought mine a few days before it was available ebay and local retailer, 232Tech. I thought the Gold BLU Studio X  was my style and went with that. Here are my thoughts on….


Let me know what you think.
Would you get a non- name brand phone?


PS: I bought this phone with my own money and spent my own time researching it. But if they want to send me more stuff to review. I hope they do.