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Podcasting for Businesses

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As more and more businesses and professionals leap into podcasting, one should know- there’s more to it than constant commercials for your product. In fact that should be the last thing on your mind. Here are some of the first things that you should be thinking about:

Create high quality accessible content. 

Produce a high quality podcast by planning your guests, getting the right equipment, and having your script or notes at the ready. Study keywords and titles to maximize its reach online. Make your podcast easy to access by adding it to directories, and sending it to as many platforms from iTunes to Stitcher to Youtube to Soundcloud and more.

Humanize your industry. 

By putting a voice to your profession, you bring listeners closer to your product. Imagine being a funny plumber with a podcast about the awful things that get stuck in toilets? You’ve entertained and you have an opportunity to tell people what not to put down their toilets. Don’t just try to sell, sell, sell. Tell a real story.

Become an expert. 

Through the power of conversation and consistency,  you establish yourself as an “expert”. Tips, tricks, and information empowers your listeners and builds your reputation as a trusted source.

Shares as interaction. 

Your content being shared is a very direct way to market and follow up on these interactions by saying thank you and asking follow up questions. If the content is on their facebook page- interacting with them “bumps” the conversation to the top of their feed. For comments on your own tracks, do the same and ask them to share with their friends after each genuine exchange. When your listeners comment or share with their community, it’s one of the highest forms of trust building.

For more, check out my 1 min Podcasting tips and tricks:

Sign up for the October edition of The Podcasters Retreat, my one day podcasting intensive in NYC! Register HERE.

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Changing your life takes life changing actions…

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I didn’t mean to sound so crunchy with the headline, but  you’re here now and I got a story to tell… ::cues Notorious B.I.G::

I’m always in motion. Day job, podcast, workshops, fundraising, hustling to make a dollar- rinse and repeat. Day in and day out. I was tricking myself that I was doing enough. That there was nothing more I could possibly do without falling over and dying of exhaustion. And yet, I was still in a rut.

My depression was creeping in and my anxiety was a beast of burden. My joy was gone, I felt like I needed to do something drastic to remind me who I am at my core.

So I took a class.

Womp. I know, school is so not sexy.

Let’s call it “professional development” instead. That sounds sexy like a my High School Spanish teacher Ms. Maldonado. ::TMI::

Anyway, I took a chance and applied to Air’s Full Spectrum Storytelling Intensive. They only selected 14 mid-level audio production professionals to learn from each other and industry professionals about podcasting, interviewing, storytelling, sound design and more.

The application slid in my inbox two days before it was due, but something in me told me “just do it” and see what happens.

I did it. I got in. Oh shit. It costs $850. Do I just take 5 days off from work and lose all that pay? What was I thinking? 

The Universe was like: “You wanted drastic… I’ll give you $850 worth of drastic.”

Then I was like: “Universe, I’m in- and i’m gonna learn the shit outta this class.”

And, learn the shit out of it I did…. after being so isolated by my unrelated day job, I was suddenly surrounded by industry peers and professionals having substantive and challenging discussions.

I gave myself the week off and committed only to this class. After classes, I did a lot of reflecting about my place as a Black Woman in broadcast/podcast media. I thought about resources, accessibility, invisibility, whether I am subject to producing programs that speak to the Person of Color’s experience, all these things continue to swim through my head over and over. Being in a room where I was getting my intellectual fill was wonderful, yet I felt guilty that access is a problem. Most of my POC friends jobs won’t pay for them to come do this, and dipping into that savings isn’t always an option.

I still had to deal with the after effects when I got back. A snowball of bills that got shuffled around and doubling my workload in the subsequent weeks, which put me in a funk.

I know what you’re thinking…. Was is worth it?


I learned new techniques and workflow. I got validation that I was already on the right path. It increased my confidence about speaking up and out. I started working with one classmate on a news segment. I got some awesome podcast suggestions. I applied to a some producer jobs (still looking!). Finally, I also started teaching my own class for beginner podcasters!

All this to say… Shake shit up sometime.

Below is my IG diary during the 5 day intensive:

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The Podcasters Retreat

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I am very excited to announce that after teaching children and fielding questions from peers, that I will be teaching a class about podcasting!

 The Podcasters Retreat is a small conversational style one day intensive that takes you through basic broadcasting and sound techniques for the 21st century. Topics that are tailored to the group as well as organizing the flow of your show will be discussed over a catered lunch.

A video posted by tastykeish (@tastykeish) on

By the end of the day you will have a better understanding of where to start with your podcast and the action steps to realize your goals. 

A video posted by tastykeish (@tastykeish) on

Summer session is on June 26th.

For more information contact me directly HERE

Happy Podcasting!


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Yes, I Do Voiceovers…

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The headline answers one of my most asked questions of my multi-faceted career:

You do voiceovers?

and then, How can I do them too?

If people tell you often you have a distinct voice. You should probably look into voiceovers. But, you need more than a voice.

I am no star by any means, but I do a few things that keep me on the radar.

First, practice reading. Read everything, ALOUD. Read them in different ways. Get familiar with a script and then read something on the fly. Take note of your voice and the difficulty you may/may not have with words when unknown copy is thrown at you.

Take some classes. I can not stress this enough. Even if it’s just an introductory course. Take a class, learn about tone, inflection, acting, listening. If it’s a VO class, make sure you leave there with a demo so you have something in hand.

Consider a voiceover coach. Make an investment to sit with someone who has a good track record and can give you one on one attention and help you develop your voice. Again, make sure they are able to provide you a demo or recordings of your work.

Be Multi-lingual. This is obviously not necessary but it is helpful. Speaking more than one language gives you added value in the market place. Make sure your demo includes all your languages. I am Haitian – American, growing up with my grandmother made me a fluent speaker. In turn, I have done regional commercials and phone prompts in Haitian – Creole as well as English.

A video posted by tastykeish (@tastykeish) on

Join online communities. Take advantage of the ability to create free profiles on voiceover websites like voice123 and You can audition as often as allowed or keep your profile fresh so that people looking for your style voice can find you. Many times they have free webinars on how to use their services and filing out your profile for optimal results.

Get some equipment. Since we live in the age of technology we can do so much from home. But VO only works if you have absolute quiet and you know how to you use your equipment. At the very least, you’ll need a high quality USB mic and a soundproofed room like a closet. If you have a place that you can access, you will be more likely to send out auditions and answer inquiries.

Follow me on social media where I will share my tips and experiences about voiceovers, @tastykeish on twitter and IG.

This is my latest voice over for Family Story Project.

Resource List:

The Voiceover Guide by Steven Lowell

VO e-books by

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To All The Girls…

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What a time to be alive Black Girl.

It’s 2016 and you are finally being heralded.

It’s 2016 and they can hear you say “No don’t touch my hair!”

It’s 2016 and you come in brown, chocolate, dark chocolate, ebony, caramel, and cafe au lait.

It’s 2016 and you call on spirits and make noise and rumble the Earth when you walk.

It’s 2016 and you suck your beautiful teeth and roll your brown eyes because you can.

It’s 2016 and we love each other Black Girl.

It’s 2016 and we will not be unseen.

#womenEmpowerment #BlackWomenEmpowerment #LemonadeInspired

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Apr 14 2016
Eve: Chapter 1

Eve: Chapter 1

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This weekend my body was stretched to it’s furthest reaches.

Lost voice.
Constant schedule shifts.
Back Pain.
Knee Pain.
Random other pains.

It was worth it.

When you believe in something, someone, in the beauty that magic can make from the mind- you have to do something. 

For me, this story goes back quite a long way.

I met Queen GodIs in 2008. The day Michael Jackson died.

We did a show. I hosted. She performed. I was in awe.

We would get to know each other in that creative people crossing paths sort of way and form a mutual respect. Cause, game recognize game.

One day she invited me to a performance that was so out of this world that I pledged in my heart to help her as soon as I could help myself. I spoke it out to the Universe and walked away from the thought to deal with my personal issues.

Fast forward to Jan/Feb 2016.

My life was changing. Things were coming into fruition. I was learning how to deal with certain triggers and I finally took responsibility for my physical health.

Still I was tired. I was stretched thinner than an extra small rubber band.

That was when she hit me up.

Queen GodIs put forth the ultimate challenge: to help her produce a show, no an EXPERIENCE. A one woman show. HER show. One night only. With limited funding.

I’m no stranger to the limited funds part. Such is the plight of the (Black) creative. Doors get closed in your face before they get opened. Every cliche about being twice as good for a spot in line with mediocre people is the Gods honest truth.
Knowing this. Having my own EXTENSIVE experiences with the word “No”-

I said “YES.”

I said yes to joining the small team (Queen GodIs, Larry our co-curator), as Production Manager for Eve. The Book of Lyte: Chapter 1. A literary concert celebrating women and gender non-conforming emcees with art, performance, and conversation.  I said yes to taking someone’s project and treating it like it was my own. I said yes to outings and meetings and being late for work (later than usual-lol), I said yes to finding ways to make a dollar out of 15 cents. I said yes to asking for more help. I said yes to making mistakes, fixing mistakes. I said yes to supporting an artist that needed a yes, and deserved as many yesses as she could carry in both her arms.

So we did it.

We got help. We borrowed things. We were challenged by broken promises in the 11th hour. We changed the flow of the event. We made media and learned technical stuff, and put on a MOTHER-EFFING DAMN GREAT SHOW!

We showed them.

We were better on our worst day than mediocre people on their best day.

We said yes to each other when no one else would.

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Resurrecting my health…

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What an ominous title for a blog post, right?

Considering Easter just passed and I’m constantly re-evaluating my connection to organized religion it seems fitting.

I haven’t been shy about the changes and challenges I sometimes face. I may not write it here but I def share it on my morning show, TK in The AM. I realized that as I speak to my listeners, I’m speaking to myself, and I’m speaking to the Universe (or God even). The words become real, I become accountable, I get strength from supportive listeners and friends. I begin to achieve. I fail. I fall. I rinse. I repeat.

My most recent challenge after spending late February very ill was deciding that I would take my health into my own hands. I was constantly tired, my diet consisted of whatever was cheapest, I had the shakes, I began to break out all over, I was constantly “doing” but nothing ever got “done”.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

My friend, Tah Phrum Duh Bush and his wife, Kole have a fitness program called the 21 day Fat Furnace that I had so many questions about and had been watching from the sidelines a long time. I did my research, talked to them about how to get started and what to expect and I jumped into it on March 7th, 2016.

I was scared. How was this anti-exercise, don’t tell me how to live, fried chicken loving person going to survive on NO SALT, NO SUGAR, NO ALCOHOL and 30 mins of exercise everyday?

I’ll tell you how. You just do it. You do it for yourself.

It took me a long time to get here.  I have fought battles and I am in the process of slaying personal dragons that blocked me from even considering my health. I had to knock out or at least begin working through my issues before starting to realign my diet and bring physical activity into my life.

If you are hurt emotionally, mentally, spiritually you have to handle those dragons first. I guarantee you your health journey will fall into place from there.

I have been in a state of change, understanding, therapeutic conversations, for about a year now and as those cobwebs start to clear- I have been open to more opportunities and abundance in my chosen field of work.

Once I tied those opportunities to my health, I took myself more seriously. I can’t work and learn and love if I’m not able to physically and actively work, learn, and love. I am not at my best when I’m sick in bed, tired, irritated, etc.

So, how did I do, NO SALT, NO SUGAR, NO ALCOHOL and 30 mins of exercise everyday for 21 days?

I just did it. I did the exercises at my own pace, often modified poses. Instead of thinking about the meal plan as punishment, I took it as a time and money saver. And support. Loved ones and friends helped me. Being in contact with other people in the Fat Furnace was immensely helpful for motivation.

I learned first hand that for me, a heat in my belly means I’m hungry. I learned about my emotional eating habits (thanks to that one big phone fight). I learned that I can still eat all the things that I like, no one is trying to take that from me- I just need to portion and balance my meals. I learned that it’s hardest to get moving when you don’t want to, but it’s worth it.

I learned that I can start over.

And over.

And over.

Learn about The 21 Day Fat Furnace HERE.

If you would like to join, please enjoy this 15% off coupon code given to me by Tah & Kole. They have been so wonderful and supportive to me and all the participants through the process, I know they will support you too. 

Enter TKAM at checkout (case-sensitive). 

Meal Prep:


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On Black Pride and the Internet… (My Beyonce Post pt 2)

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The internet is helluva place.

People are constantly debating about how much more right they are than everyone else at any given time. I always feel weird about facebook shares like the one that went viral because in my mind it’s just me speaking common sense.

Then you realize that not everyone measures their common sense with the same ruler. You also realize that perhaps you have a voice for people that can’t speak up or won’t. A repost or like could be their way of showing support if they are at a conservative job or their pages are overrun by over zealous family members.

You never know. 22,000 Likes and almost 4,ooo shares can’t be wrong.

So, I speak up more about topics of Black pride, LGBTQ issues, mental health, self- care and anything else that’s important to me. And when you get a chance to take the conversation off of facebook to a national news outlet like the Huffington Post, you do just that. Writer, Shanita Hubbard asked me some follow up questions that allowed me to delve deeper into racism, feminism, activism and more in the aftermath of Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance.

TK Feminism Black Pride and Self Love A Formation Centered Discussion With Keisha Dutes



















Other news this week in #peakBlackness, Kendrick Lamar’s performance at the 2016 Grammy Awards solidified this as the best Black History Month that ever existed. To which I shared on facebook:


James Brown , Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Kendrick Lamar, Public Enemy, and to all my artists friends using their platforms to shake up the the status quo.

I don’t care what led you to do it.

I care that you did something at all.

Thank you. 

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My Beyonce post…

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After doing the morning show today, I had more thoughts about this whole Beyonce/Superbowl thing. I was miffed AF at people that couldn’t see a Black Warrior Woman in all her glory celebrating the beauty of Black culture.

People worried about modes of dress, language, what she does with her money, white people want to boycott, black people are divided (she’s not doing enough or she’s trying to hard, etc).

To all that I say:



Here is my original post from my personal fb page on 2/8/16:

I don’t know what ya’ll want from anyone. 

Powerful Black Woman uses her image to bring unapologetically Black images and statements to a usually White forum. That’s not enough.
Makes a fund for the children of Flint, MI. That’s not enough.
Has been making financial contributions to#BlackLivesMatter and other movements. (How do you think Deray and them get to go all over the country to be the mouth pieces??) But, that’s not enough.
Celebrates girl power in a patriarchal world while in heels and spandex. That’s not “right/proper” or enough.
Makes millions of us feel good about ourselves daily. That’s not enough.
Is the epitome of hard work and persistence. That’s not enough.
Exposed millions to the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panthers movement. That’s not enough.
She might not be your cup of tea.
She might not be doing it how you prefer.
But she is ENOUGH.
PS: I don’t care if you like/don’t like her music. Save that for your own timeline. I’m from Brooklyn. I deal in #facts.

(Superbowl Halftime Show 2016 (Coldplay, Beyonce… by tuxboard)

I got a gazillion comments and shares. Some of which I intend on addressing on the next episode of my morning show.  We’ll see how that turns out. Tune in every Monday- Wednesday- Friday 10-1130am EST on Bondfire Radio.


You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.

                                                                                – Beyonce, Formation 2016

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