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Community Media in The Social Media Age

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After many years on public FM radio with WBAI and bringing social justice news to the forefront on my current platform, Bondfire Radio I was proud to be asked to discuss Community Media in The Social Media Age with colleagues and audience members vested in independent media.

The conversation followed a screening of Radio Unnameable (which is on Netflix), a film about living radio legend Bob Fass and the rise and falter of WBAI, one of New York City’s first public radio stations.

As a younger to mid generation of independent media makers I was amazed at the influence that Bob Fass and his free form radio made on how I do radio today. He reminded me that even though we are operating within social media and online it is more important now than ever before to “event-ize” your media.

I always tell new broadcasters/podcasters/online media makers, give people a reason to tune in. Make it a big deal. Be social in real life so that your social media can reflect that. Tweeting and facebooking your media is not enough. YOU have to give people a REASON to pick your needle out of the haystack.

If you’re not physically out in the world. You’re not doing enough. 

Later the conversation turned to monetization, and the current challenges that small webcasters are currently facing in streaming online, and the fight to stay ahead. Myself and Anthony Riddle, Director of Community Media at BRIC discuss in the following clip:

For more information about the panel and participants, Manny Faces, Bill Weinberg, Anthony Riddle, and myself, visit:

Thank you Baba Israel & Yako 440 for moderating and creating The Spinning Wheel Exhibit so that we could look back at our media history and discuss our future.

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New Year, New Skin…

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I don’t want to be cliche but since we’re here in 2016 I have to be honest and say I was either going to shave my head (again) or get a tattoo. There’s something cathartic about altering yourself in the wake of realization.

After you’ve gone through all you thought you could endure and then some, you emerge from the other side battered, bruised and for the most part alive.

Then you shave your head or get a tattoo.

I got a tattoo.

2015 and the two years leading up to it were personally a wildly swinging pendulum of extreme worry, disappointment, excitement, relocation, love, and loss. Some of it as recently as a few days ago.

So, I got a tattoo.

It’s not my first one. But it is my first publicly visible one, I’m the type of tattoo wearer that got a kick out of being identified only in a bathing suit or by the eyes of a lover while naked in the bluish glow of a television set.

Today though, I’m not that person anymore. I carefully selected my badge and it’s location upon my left lower forearm and made sure to find a tattoo artist aligned with my values as a woman, activist, and culture. In the year of #BlackLivesMatter it was only fitting that I make sure my money stay within the Black community as long as possible. I found Shaun, through a referral by a friend, checked his instagram portfolio and figured I would feel his vibe when I got there.


He was super chill, a small business owner like myself, and had been though his own hardships growing as a tattooist. I was even more intrigued during our conversation about flipping income and the book he is currently writing. It was a safe bet that I was in good hands.

I showed him what I wanted and told him about it and he got started.

Recently adinkra symbols have been a recurring theme in my most meaningful days of the past year. Adinkra symbols are West African characters that have different meaning and are printed on genuine tribal fabrics worn for special occasion. They have since crossed into daily use signs of life.

Many of the slaves that were taken to Haiti were from West Africa during the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade, so this was another opportunity for me to pay homage to my ancestors.

After much research, I chose the fern or “aya“, a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness. Two characteristics people seem to associate with me, that I have come to believe in myself as well. Without endurance I couldn’t go on. Without resourcefulness where would my business be? Surely, the “aya” was meant for me.

I sat there and received my new skin. This badge wasn’t for me or lovers to run fingers overs over in private. This badge is for me, you, and anyone who want’s know at a glance that I’m walking into this new year the badass that I am. Strong and rebuilding my mind, body, and soul.

Happy New Year.

PS: Do something drastic.



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Recommended Reading: @ heaven

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We are well into the new millennia and one thing that continues to be shocking is death.

We know it’s coming, we expect it to a certain extent yet in the facebook and twitter age, we haven’t figured out how to handle it. Facebook only recently rolled out legacy pages and part of our “post-death” habits include reading the last tweets, posts, blogs that the person may have interacted with in their final hours.

I have many friends with cancer that may or may not be facebooking/tumbling/tweeting their last days bravely for the world to see and interact with. They have photos of chemo treatments, rays of hope on the good days, sadness on the bad days, and loving replies from friends and family in response to every post.

Which brings me to an intriguing book I just read, @ heaven The Online Death of a Cybernetic Futurist


The editor, Kim Hastreiter was a member of The WELL an online community that existed when the internet was a less of a superhighway, more of a really busy intersection. Hastreiter hit CTRL + C  on a thread and saved what I would imagine is one of the earliest accounts of an internet user coping with impending death in an online community.

First off, as an original AOL user, I almost couldn’t wrap my head around people chatting online every single day in 1985/86. 1985, Ronald Reagan was President, We Are The World was a big deal, Michael Jackson was a bigger deal, and unbeknownst to most of us- people were on the internet exchanging ideas, memes, and personal stories.

Tom Mandel, <mandel> was his handle on The WELL and he wasn’t just any internet user. He was the prototype that so many people embody online today. He was a troll (for righteousness sake), he was a know-it-all, he was a great debater, and he was compassionate. He was also a futurist, a social scientist that predicts and works to bring the future they envision into reality. <mandel> was living the future every single day he participated in an online community. I like to think that as he sat as his computer he knew in the 80’s and early 90’s that somewhere someone like me would be writing about death on the internet and how it changes us.

@ heaven is a transcript of the fast 6 months between his original thread about a nagging cough through his cancer diagnosis and onto his acceptance where he stayed online as long as he could. It’s a glimpse of what happens to your online community before, during, and after you die. It’s about how friendships transcend zero’s and ones. It’s about faith- whatever that means to you. It’s a real life Back to the Future moment.

I saw myself in every moment that a WELL user typed hopeful messages, regret, and sadness at the inevitable outcome. I felt proud that <mandel> was able to take control of his journey and share it in his own words. I cried for every loss filled facebook post of a friend, friend of a friend, and loved one. I wonder daily who will handle my legacy facebook page? Should I use one of those services that lets you post one last message? I cried because in that last moment where you no longer have a voice, I still want mine.

And, I wanted <mandel> to “live” forever.


@ heaven The Online Death of a Cybernetic Futurist. is available at OR Books.




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30 Days of Creativity

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I’m excited to share my feature as a Creative Luminary on EverUp!

EverUp is a professional development web magazine with professional development for self- starters. You can find me in their 30 Days of Creativity lineup, where they showcase a different and amazing person everyday. Get to know and follow the list because so much more to go!

Find my post here:

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 3.14.08 AM

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Non-profits and the alternatives…

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Last week I was invited to be on a panel about starting your own non-profit for The SisStar Loop women’s empowerment organization. As a neophyte in this arena it was a pleasure and confirmation to be seated with such panelists like Regine Roumaine the Executive Director of Haiti Cultural Exchange and Galit Adani of Dance to Unite. Both women started from scratch building their organizations from the ground up, finding the right team members through trial and error and living to tell the tale of how they keep going each day.

As Co-owner of Bondfire Radio I fall in the ‘social entrepreneur’ category of business person. BFR is not a non-profit (yet. maybe soon?). Not because we can’t be, but because to me and my business partner- it was important to decide this work was something we could sustain and know there a place for us in this world. Social entrepreneurs are do-ers that seek change in their industry for the betterment of society and can either be profit or non-profit entities.

Being on the panel I got to express that the only way to start anything for profit, non-profit, hobby, or career is to JUST START. It’s so much easier to seek mentorship when you have something to show for it. It’s easier to narrow down your needs if you started the process of finding out what you need. And when you have a clear picture of your mission and can recite your mission statement like your home address you can walk seek information with confidence. So, go from idea to reality buy just starting.

Some other tidbits I took from the panel and fellow panelist were to:

  1. look into your state’s Attorney General website for free workshops and help on starting your non-profit.
  2. If you are an artist or arts org, find out if your city or borough has an arts council that helps fund local artists. The 2015 Bondfire Radio Audio Festival was made possible with funding from the Brooklyn Arts Council.
  3. Think very hard about who will be on your board and know that the primary function of a non-profit board is to raise funds.
  4. Consider partnerships as ways to cross-promote and cut costs. Share the work, double the exposure for both businesses.


As a person that is still thinking about what path to take next for our organization, many of this applies to us and there is always room to grow. Our baby steps include looking into alternatives to becoming a non-profit such as:

  1. Join an already established nonprofit as a volunteer, board member, or staff.
  2. Work with an already active nonprofit compatible with your ideas and values; collaborate with them to develop a special project to meet a specific public need.
  3. Start a local chapter of a national organization if there isn’t already one.
  4. Form an informal nonprofit: an informal gathering of people to meet a short-term and local need.
  5. Become a social entrepreneur: running a for-profit business with social goals and charitable causes in mind.
  6. Fiscal sponsorship: a fiscal sponsor shares its tax-exempt and tax-deductible status with the sponsored program, the new program operates as a program of fiscal sponsor.

Take your time choosing the right path for your organization. The only wrong way to start is if you don’t.

Helpful Links:

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(Black) Women and girls need protecting too…

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This post is adapted from my visceral facebook post reaction to South Carolina School Security Officer Bed Fields slamming and dragging a teenager out of her chair for “resisting arrest.” News story available here

You better believe i’m gonna speak on this low life scumbag Ben Fields on TK in The AM. There is no world and by no world I mean there is 97% chance that a white child would not get SLAMMED and DRAGGED in her classroom in front of other white children and a teacher. Why does it happen to us? Why are we exempt from simple human rights? A guy kills 9 people in a church and he gets Burger King. A child may or may not have sassed a police/security officer and gets this. Sass will get you dragged and slammed down. Sass will get you shot and killed at a traffic stop. (‪#‎SandraBland‬ et al.)

I will never stop speaking up for children of color. I will never stop protecting them. I will never soften the conversations down to “can’t we all just get along” cause that’s a lie. We can’t trust the textbooks, we can’t trust elected officials, we can’t trust law enforcement. All we have is us. The sooner we unlearn the bullshit the sooner we’ll be able to support our young people.

This weekend, I came from a beautiful event that I had the pleasure of being a supporting part of for my 3rd year in a row, The Black Girl Project Sisterhood Summit. It was the most beautiful thing to have a space for just young women/girls and their caregivers to be free, to be emotionally vulnerable, to say what they need in the world to flourish and get it from each other. I will never ask to integrate that space because we need spaces to be together. To let our guard down to say to each other “You are not crazy, That happened to me too.’ To say it in our special brand of vernacular without having to explain what it means. to be together when so much is trying to tear us apart.

Sisterhood Summit Movement workshop.

Sisterhood Summit Movement workshop.

One last thing, I worked at a great camp 10 years ago and there were few children of color. I had a moment of realizing how young we are when we realize we are “different” and why it’s important for me to be a proud Black/Haitian American woman everywhere I go- because this young girl came to me and expressed that she came to find me because there was no one else that looked like her and she wanted to talk. So we talked. I think she would be 17/18 years old now. It was that moment I REALLY realized that we need to see ourselves everywhere while holding safe space for each other.

No we can’t all just get along. Not like this.

What can you do to help?

Email: & call (803) 576-3000 to voice your anger at the brutality of Officer Ben Fields against this female student.

Don’t know what to say? THIS 45 second script can help. 




I will be speaking on a panel about non-profits and building Bondfire Radio as a community entity.


Meet the following amazing women-owned organizations & their leaders! Learn from their growth and expertise.

Regine Roumain, Executive Director of Haiti Cultural Exchange

Galit Adani, Founder & Executive Director of Dance to Unite

TastyKeish, Broadcaster & Founder of TK in The AMBondfire Radio

Space is limited and registration is required to attend –>


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Oct 08 2015
TK For Hire

TK For Hire

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You read that correctly.

TK for hire.

Yessir, your favorite side hustler is leveling up in the game and officially open for business (I was never closed, but you know…). This Summer I started producing content and audio with an amazing private client: The Arielle Loren Show, a daily podcast about the journeys of creative entrepreneurs.

I applied for the position because it spoke directly to me, the host, the content, the job description was affirming in every way. And, when I find myself editing audio at odd hours of the night and day I get to listen to people that sound like me confirm ever thought I’ve ever had about living on one’s own terms.

When you do anything, you should ask yourself: Screen Shot 2012-08-12 at 12.42.25 AM

  • Does this lift me up?
  • Is the direction in my life confirmed by its content or am I bored?
  • How long can I do this with joy?

Being able to answer these questions led me to want to help others in this age of podcasting. So many people have questions and as a 10 year professional in radio and current online radio station owner and Program Director- I have answers, opinions, & feedback.

There are too many people podcasting and creating media for the sake of trend. Do you have an audience or are you yelling into the void? Is your idea organized and well thought out? Will you be consistent or produce content haphazardly?  Do you have the right tools and team? Is your interviewing technique up to par?

If you’re serious about using a tool like podcasting to enhance your business, think about some of these questions. If you need help, I’m here for you. I love what I do to the point I recently found myself in the studio with a new broadcaster for 12 hours without eating. #thatsLove

Email me for more information about making “pick your brain” appointments, inquiries about producing content for your business/brand/organization, and feedback sessions on how to make your podcast better.

Until then friends, have a listen to the first 12 inspirational episodes of The Arielle Loren Show!

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My life in the sunshine…

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Summer’s over, but I feel like I’m still coming into bloom.

The year started off rocky all the way through the Spring season with moving and then through the Summer dealing with feelings from all the places that feelings come from.

Then things started to happen. Things I said I wanted in life, I started to get:

  • After an internet thief absconded with my domain name two years ago, I watched it and had it on back order waiting in the shadows for the wicked soul to slip up and release unto the world the domain name that should rightly be mine. ::ends dramatic scene:: Soon, you’ll be able to get here via tastykeish dot com as well as dot net!

The Bondfire Radio Audio Festival!! We did it. We went bigger and better and more amazing than the first time around. We had community sponsors, vendors, live musical acts, and every single show on the roster broadcast from the beautiful rooftop of our building location in Brooklyn. For the recap visit: Another Bondfire Radio Audio Festival in the Books

  • For awhile now I’ve been talking about wanting to be on panels, host events again,  and enjoy more professional conferences…  We’ll i’ll be that! ::cues the Redman:: This Saturday I’m on double duty, moderating the “Dating as a Nomad” panel at the #NDMN travel conference at 11am and later that evening hosting a great concert at the Success Garden in East New York for FTF Presents, a non profit based on growing the community thru the arts.

Another thing I’ve been letting the world know i’m available for is freelance work in my field of audio. And the universe provides! I’m open as a consultant for people that need help starting their podcasts and radio programs. Soon they’ll be a button in the side bar for you to make an appointment with me. We can kick it thru Skype and have a great chat about what you would like to accomplish with your programs. Also, I am the producer of The Arielle Loren Show, a new podcast focused on the nitty gritty journey through creative entrepreneurship. I really love all the guests that we’ve had so far and Arielle is a top notch marketing expert, business owner, and Harvard Business grad!

That’s not it by any means. It’s just the beginning of the rest of my life.

Are you in bloom?




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Effie Brown, Matt Damon, & Me.

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I promised myself if I got my website together I would share more of my thoughts about things I encounter on a daily basis. Fun stuff, events, not so fun stuff like micro-aggressions against women and Black people. Two communities I am 100% a part of.

Knowing that about myself. That I am a Black Woman that lives in a world and culture that is vast and huge, I can not with good conscience allow someone from outside of my community dictate to me what I should consume as my media intake, what Black characters should be represented and how. Nor will I denounce those prevailing stereotypes to distance myself and become part of “The New Black” (ie: Pharell & Raven Symone).

There is immense power in the boardrooms of America. Power that we don’t have because we are not in those boardrooms. So,the people that are- White, often heterosexual males, make decisions on representations of People of Color daily. In music, in congress, in HOLLYWOOD. Especially Hollywood.

So when I saw that film director Effie Brown (who is a Black Woman that directed Dear White People ::insert irony here::) raised concerns about a White pimp character and a Black prostitute character and about diversity on the crew of films, I knew I wasn’t crazy when I  went on my “how-dare-you-tell-me-what-to-do-with-my- media” diatribe a few weeks ago on twitter. Matt Damon (Project Greenlight Executive Producer) basically talked over her about how the diversity in the film making process needs to be in the casting of characters and not the crew. Read that again.

Here’s how I took that:

Go head and put more Black, Asians, Latino, etc folks in the movies to shut folks up and keep the decision making to us White guys. 

He doesn’t even know he said that shit. He doesn’t even realize he thinks that shit.

And there’s the rub.

(Some-A Lot of- Not All) White folks get pleasure out of telling you the marginalized group “how to”. How to do better, make better films, music, media, food choices as if they didn’t have a hand in the way the current system is structured to fail People of Color on all levels.

Which takes me back to my diatribe, again. 

I engaged a post on FB about Saana Lathan discussing how she feels sad about the lack of diversity in the Hollywood boardroom. I agreed with Saana and then I was basically told by the poster of said thread that if Black People had supported a certain other movie that will remain nameless- then other Black movies would have a better opportunity to make it through.

Here’s how I took that:

If you want more Black movies, then let me as a White Person tell you that it’s your fault since you didn’t support a shitty Black movie, now not even your good ones can make it to the silver screen. Take what we give you. Then give us your money for it. And maybeeeee, just mayyyyybe we’ll let you have something a little bit better.

Which, for the 3rd time brings me back to my diatribe. You can read it here. These are all tweets, so please excuse the fast and furious nature of my typing and the typos. Effie Brown gave me a reason to share: 

See more on:
Matt Damon inadvertently demonstrates why Hollywood isn’t more diverse

Matt Damon’s staggering meritocracy lie: What his “Project Greenlight” blow-up with Effie Brown really shows

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Unbossed and Unbought….

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That’s the name of my episode of Women of Action, an amazing web show hosted by Lenina Mortimer that highlights women that are active in their industries.

It had been some time between the taping of that episode and it’s release and as I look back at everything that has gone on in my life to throw me for a loop and realize watching this interview that I AM STILL STANDING. (Can I get an Amen?)

During and following the time of that interview taping- my family life, housing situation, stress making sure the radio station would have a home was taking it’s toll. I had rage-y moments, crying fits, overeating, whole days where I had to just sleep. All to counter me just getting through the day being “TastyKeish”, being on the radio fatigued by yet another racially motivated  incident, going to events, and living up to the smiling fun(ny) reputation I’m known for, and by night working a job that after 15 years I feel uninspired at.

I was living two lives and I needed a plan.

I want(ed) to truly become “unbossed and unbought”.

My plan is to retire from my night work in 2016. I am half way there.

I just landed a position as an audio producer for a marketing professional. I am committed to saving and rectifying my personal finances. I am committed to Bondfire Radio. I am committed to learning new things in the audio industry to open more doors for myself and find work in my field. I am committed to finding a therapist and having hard conversations with myself. I am committed to becoming forever whole.

Thank you Women of Action for reminding me of my power.


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