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Today I celebrate…(requisite 4th of July post)

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Today I celebrate the young people in Ferguson and all the cities that just want to stay alive.

I celebrate the exhausted journalists and activists of color for writing, commentating, being on the front lines of atrocity after atrocity that others refuse to see.

I celebrate for Henrietta Lacks , the victims of The Tuskegee experiments and all those whose bodies continue to be used for advancements in modern science.wpid-img_20150627_205035.jpg

I celebrate the Civil Rights leaders that gave us a template to build on, the ones that died so we could go to restaurants and drink from the same water fountains.

I celebrate the 3 Black lesbians that created #BlackLivesMatter.

I celebrate the Girls Scout Troop that sent the money back after a donor said they couldn’t use it for Trans girls and they raised 3 times more after.

I celebrate my Mexican and Latinx homies for organizing their dollars, their voting power, and their people to run Donald Trump into the ground and showing it can be done.

I celebrate Dominicans that speak out AGAINST the deportation and genocide of Haitian born Dominicans.

I celebrate my Haitian ancestry, my grandparents, and the fighting spirit I am divinely endowed with.

I celebrate my friends that create safe spaces to speak, be sad, be angry, be loved.

ALL on this July 4th.

These are the people who give me free.




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Charla Harlow’s Real Talk

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In this episode of Real Talk,  TK of TK in The AM joins host Charla Harlow to discuss Jay-Z and Beyonce’s role in the BlackLivesMatter movement, the murder of London Chanel, Raven-Symone vs Harriet Tubman, Mary J. Blige’s “dancery” decoded.

Very thankful to Charla for creating a safe space for Black people to discuss matters of importance to Black people. I look forward to jumping into the mix again!

See more episodes of Real Talk:


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The Genesis Project

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I was invited by my good friend Nick Florest, the facilitator of The Genesis Project an after-school program where he teaches podcasting to 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders at the Beginning With Children Charter School. What I thought was going to be a friendly sit down interview was a full fledged PRESS CONFERENCE and boy were these kids ready!!



I loved having a dialogue with them as fellow media creators of color. Some of them have their own youtube channels and I could tell they really enjoyed the work they were doing and the ability to have these interviews and share their talent with real world professionals. This is why arts, music, and creative programs are so integral in the school system and youth development. Young people have to see themselves as adults doing a plethora of jobs in the world so they can see the possibilities for themselves.

I can’t wait to see what they become when they grow up!

Check out the full Genesis Project Q&A right here:


nick school collage



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Making Women’s Herstory…

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I got my first billboard!!

I’m super excited to announce that you can see myself and other ladies of influence in an elementary school hallway near you!


“For Women’s Legacy Month, I decided to feature some outstanding and successful women who are making incredible waves now. Most are friends and acquaintances which makes this all the more special for me to give to the scholars of my school. To the featured women (@tastykeish @sammusmusic @marthalicia @thebudgetnista and @sotomayorscotus), know that you are very appreciated and valued. Much love… -Vizzy”

It features myself on the bottom left; financial advisor, Tiffany Aliche; Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor; producer/musician, Sammus; and renown painter, Marthalicia Matarrita.

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Thoughts on the BLU Studio X

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I’m a big fan of finding alternative ways of doing things. I’m a bit frugal but I like nice things.  So when my iPhone 4 started to look like it got hit by a mac truck and all the iOS updates started to pass me by, I looked into going back to #teamAndroid.

dead iphone


One thing that Apple doesn’t have the market cornered on is how expensive cellphones unnecessarily are. I refused to believe that I have to pay 4, 5, $600 for a cell phone no matter the brand. NOPE. NOT ME.

I already have a no contract sim card so I looked for an unlocked phone which you can get from a lot of places but I wanted to go with a brand that while unknown to most has a track record of making phones, they have an American phone number that you can call and ask questions and they have been at all the trade fairs. All this led me to BLU phones.


I noticed they were slow rolling their new suite of phones out via Amazon but I bought mine a few days before it was available ebay and local retailer, 232Tech. I thought the Gold BLU Studio X  was my style and went with that. Here are my thoughts on….


Let me know what you think.
Would you get a non- name brand phone?


PS: I bought this phone with my own money and spent my own time researching it. But if they want to send me more stuff to review. I hope they do. 

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Feb 10 2015


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Two years without a website.
No real estate on the interwebs.
Two years starting a new business.
(Almost) Two years in a stressful living situation.
There must be a correlation there.
Still, I got tired of feeding my feelings to facebook for clicks and likes.
I tried to DIY a new place for my namesake to live on the web but some things you just don’t do alone. There were so many false starts and weekends I thought to myself:
“I am going to sit down and DO this.”
Only to get discouraged at my lack of skill, lack of assistance,  just lack of everything on the web and IRL (in real life).
Realizing what I had been lacking was a theme these past few years and still I made it work.
I’ve never known any other way. TK must make it work, it’s what I do. Build something with nothing and pour my heart into everything. I poured my heart into my new endeavor and out came a radio station, Bondfire Radio. It was/is worth every head and heart ache. It showed me the true nature of people and reminded me about a thing called family.
For two years, I felt misunderstood. Trying to do something unconventional will illicit unfortunate responses from people you love. You end up lowering your expectations but you have hope they’ll come around. But they don’t.
So, you cleave to people like you, fellow creatives, entrepreneurs, anyone off the beaten path. You call each other. You cling. You just want someone to say:
“I SEE your vision.”
You just want them to see yourself and your work the way you see yourself and your work. As a beautiful puzzle piece the world was missing, a piece that you figured expertly where to place.
This is my new place. Built for me, the way I see myself in my mind.


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