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Get Shit Done Summit 2016

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The Get Shit Done Summit 2016, was truly a transformative day of conversation, listening, and trading business cards with founders, artists, investors, entrepreneurs, potential startups, and app developers. I was proud to be in a space that didn’t have to try hard to fill diversity quotas, it just was. Professionals from all backgrounds spoke freely and frankly about their missions and inspired each other and the audiences.




















I was honored to be asked to speak on the iHustle panel. Moderated by Safiya Myers (SheWorx); featuring Anthony Frasier (Hustle & Luck), Gerard Adams (Elite Daily), Justyna Kendra (WE Rule), Mike Street (SmartBrown Voice podcast), and myself.

NYC is the home of hustle. These hustlas have taken NYC and NJ by storm and are working hard for not only themselves but those around them. From co-organizing the Black in Tech Meetup to creating an online platform to showcase female entrepreneurs and even creating the first Incubator in Newark. Hear their stories about what kept them motivated, what challenges they faced  and how they got to where they are today!

Watch the first 3 hours of the event below and catch the iHustle panel at the 20 minute mark. Visit illicit mind Inc on facebook for more videos from the Get Shit Done Summit 2016 at the Digital Ocean Space in NYC!

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To All The Girls…

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What a time to be alive Black Girl.

It’s 2016 and you are finally being heralded.

It’s 2016 and they can hear you say “No don’t touch my hair!”

It’s 2016 and you come in brown, chocolate, dark chocolate, ebony, caramel, and cafe au lait.

It’s 2016 and you call on spirits and make noise and rumble the Earth when you walk.

It’s 2016 and you suck your beautiful teeth and roll your brown eyes because you can.

It’s 2016 and we love each other Black Girl.

It’s 2016 and we will not be unseen.

#womenEmpowerment #BlackWomenEmpowerment #LemonadeInspired

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Apr 14 2016
Eve: Chapter 1

Eve: Chapter 1

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This weekend my body was stretched to it’s furthest reaches.

Lost voice.
Constant schedule shifts.
Back Pain.
Knee Pain.
Random other pains.

It was worth it.

When you believe in something, someone, in the beauty that magic can make from the mind- you have to do something. 

For me, this story goes back quite a long way.

I met Queen GodIs in 2008. The day Michael Jackson died.

We did a show. I hosted. She performed. I was in awe.

We would get to know each other in that creative people crossing paths sort of way and form a mutual respect. Cause, game recognize game.

One day she invited me to a performance that was so out of this world that I pledged in my heart to help her as soon as I could help myself. I spoke it out to the Universe and walked away from the thought to deal with my personal issues.

Fast forward to Jan/Feb 2016.

My life was changing. Things were coming into fruition. I was learning how to deal with certain triggers and I finally took responsibility for my physical health.

Still I was tired. I was stretched thinner than an extra small rubber band.

That was when she hit me up.

Queen GodIs put forth the ultimate challenge: to help her produce a show, no an EXPERIENCE. A one woman show. HER show. One night only. With limited funding.

I’m no stranger to the limited funds part. Such is the plight of the (Black) creative. Doors get closed in your face before they get opened. Every cliche about being twice as good for a spot in line with mediocre people is the Gods honest truth.
Knowing this. Having my own EXTENSIVE experiences with the word “No”-

I said “YES.”

I said yes to joining the small team (Queen GodIs, Larry our co-curator), as Production Manager for Eve. The Book of Lyte: Chapter 1. A literary concert celebrating women and gender non-conforming emcees with art, performance, and conversation.  I said yes to taking someone’s project and treating it like it was my own. I said yes to outings and meetings and being late for work (later than usual-lol), I said yes to finding ways to make a dollar out of 15 cents. I said yes to asking for more help. I said yes to making mistakes, fixing mistakes. I said yes to supporting an artist that needed a yes, and deserved as many yesses as she could carry in both her arms.

So we did it.

We got help. We borrowed things. We were challenged by broken promises in the 11th hour. We changed the flow of the event. We made media and learned technical stuff, and put on a MOTHER-EFFING DAMN GREAT SHOW!

We showed them.

We were better on our worst day than mediocre people on their best day.

We said yes to each other when no one else would.

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Community Media in The Social Media Age

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After many years on public FM radio with WBAI and bringing social justice news to the forefront on my current platform, Bondfire Radio I was proud to be asked to discuss Community Media in The Social Media Age with colleagues and audience members vested in independent media.

The conversation followed a screening of Radio Unnameable (which is on Netflix), a film about living radio legend Bob Fass and the rise and falter of WBAI, one of New York City’s first public radio stations.

As a younger to mid generation of independent media makers I was amazed at the influence that Bob Fass and his free form radio made on how I do radio today. He reminded me that even though we are operating within social media and online it is more important now than ever before to “event-ize” your media.

I always tell new broadcasters/podcasters/online media makers, give people a reason to tune in. Make it a big deal. Be social in real life so that your social media can reflect that. Tweeting and facebooking your media is not enough. YOU have to give people a REASON to pick your needle out of the haystack.

If you’re not physically out in the world. You’re not doing enough. 

Later the conversation turned to monetization, and the current challenges that small webcasters are currently facing in streaming online, and the fight to stay ahead. Myself and Anthony Riddle, Director of Community Media at BRIC discuss in the following clip:

For more information about the panel and participants, Manny Faces, Bill Weinberg, Anthony Riddle, and myself, visit:

Thank you Baba Israel & Yako 440 for moderating and creating The Spinning Wheel Exhibit so that we could look back at our media history and discuss our future.

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Unbossed and Unbought….

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That’s the name of my episode of Women of Action, an amazing web show hosted by Lenina Mortimer that highlights women that are active in their industries.

It had been some time between the taping of that episode and it’s release and as I look back at everything that has gone on in my life to throw me for a loop and realize watching this interview that I AM STILL STANDING. (Can I get an Amen?)

During and following the time of that interview taping- my family life, housing situation, stress making sure the radio station would have a home was taking it’s toll. I had rage-y moments, crying fits, overeating, whole days where I had to just sleep. All to counter me just getting through the day being “TastyKeish”, being on the radio fatigued by yet another racially motivated  incident, going to events, and living up to the smiling fun(ny) reputation I’m known for, and by night working a job that after 15 years I feel uninspired at.

I was living two lives and I needed a plan.

I want(ed) to truly become “unbossed and unbought”.

My plan is to retire from my night work in 2016. I am half way there.

I just landed a position as an audio producer for a marketing professional. I am committed to saving and rectifying my personal finances. I am committed to Bondfire Radio. I am committed to learning new things in the audio industry to open more doors for myself and find work in my field. I am committed to finding a therapist and having hard conversations with myself. I am committed to becoming forever whole.

Thank you Women of Action for reminding me of my power.


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Charla Harlow’s Real Talk

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In this episode of Real Talk,  TK of TK in The AM joins host Charla Harlow to discuss Jay-Z and Beyonce’s role in the BlackLivesMatter movement, the murder of London Chanel, Raven-Symone vs Harriet Tubman, Mary J. Blige’s “dancery” decoded.

Very thankful to Charla for creating a safe space for Black people to discuss matters of importance to Black people. I look forward to jumping into the mix again!

See more episodes of Real Talk:


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The Genesis Project

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I was invited by my good friend Nick Florest, the facilitator of The Genesis Project an after-school program where he teaches podcasting to 3rd, 4th, & 5th graders at the Beginning With Children Charter School. What I thought was going to be a friendly sit down interview was a full fledged PRESS CONFERENCE and boy were these kids ready!!



I loved having a dialogue with them as fellow media creators of color. Some of them have their own youtube channels and I could tell they really enjoyed the work they were doing and the ability to have these interviews and share their talent with real world professionals. This is why arts, music, and creative programs are so integral in the school system and youth development. Young people have to see themselves as adults doing a plethora of jobs in the world so they can see the possibilities for themselves.

I can’t wait to see what they become when they grow up!

Check out the full Genesis Project Q&A right here:


nick school collage



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Making Women’s Herstory…

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I got my first billboard!!

I’m super excited to announce that you can see myself and other ladies of influence in an elementary school hallway near you!


“For Women’s Legacy Month, I decided to feature some outstanding and successful women who are making incredible waves now. Most are friends and acquaintances which makes this all the more special for me to give to the scholars of my school. To the featured women (@tastykeish @sammusmusic @marthalicia @thebudgetnista and @sotomayorscotus), know that you are very appreciated and valued. Much love… -Vizzy”

It features myself on the bottom left; financial advisor, Tiffany Aliche; Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor; producer/musician, Sammus; and renown painter, Marthalicia Matarrita.

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