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Get Shit Done Summit 2016

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The Get Shit Done Summit 2016, was truly a transformative day of conversation, listening, and trading business cards with founders, artists, investors, entrepreneurs, potential startups, and app developers. I was proud to be in a space that didn’t have to try hard to fill diversity quotas, it just was. Professionals from all backgrounds spoke freely and frankly about their missions and inspired each other and the audiences.




















I was honored to be asked to speak on the iHustle panel. Moderated by Safiya Myers (SheWorx); featuring Anthony Frasier (Hustle & Luck), Gerard Adams (Elite Daily), Justyna Kendra (WE Rule), Mike Street (SmartBrown Voice podcast), and myself.

NYC is the home of hustle. These hustlas have taken NYC and NJ by storm and are working hard for not only themselves but those around them. From co-organizing the Black in Tech Meetup to creating an online platform to showcase female entrepreneurs and even creating the first Incubator in Newark. Hear their stories about what kept them motivated, what challenges they faced  and how they got to where they are today!

Watch the first 3 hours of the event below and catch the iHustle panel at the 20 minute mark. Visit illicit mind Inc on facebook for more videos from the Get Shit Done Summit 2016 at the Digital Ocean Space in NYC!

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Yes, I Do Voiceovers…

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The headline answers one of my most asked questions of my multi-faceted career:

You do voiceovers?

and then, How can I do them too?

If people tell you often you have a distinct voice. You should probably look into voiceovers. But, you need more than a voice.

I am no star by any means, but I do a few things that keep me on the radar.

First, practice reading. Read everything, ALOUD. Read them in different ways. Get familiar with a script and then read something on the fly. Take note of your voice and the difficulty you may/may not have with words when unknown copy is thrown at you.

Take some classes. I can not stress this enough. Even if it’s just an introductory course. Take a class, learn about tone, inflection, acting, listening. If it’s a VO class, make sure you leave there with a demo so you have something in hand.

Consider a voiceover coach. Make an investment to sit with someone who has a good track record and can give you one on one attention and help you develop your voice. Again, make sure they are able to provide you a demo or recordings of your work.

Be Multi-lingual. This is obviously not necessary but it is helpful. Speaking more than one language gives you added value in the market place. Make sure your demo includes all your languages. I am Haitian – American, growing up with my grandmother made me a fluent speaker. In turn, I have done regional commercials and phone prompts in Haitian – Creole as well as English.

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Join online communities. Take advantage of the ability to create free profiles on voiceover websites like voice123 and You can audition as often as allowed or keep your profile fresh so that people looking for your style voice can find you. Many times they have free webinars on how to use their services and filing out your profile for optimal results.

Get some equipment. Since we live in the age of technology we can do so much from home. But VO only works if you have absolute quiet and you know how to you use your equipment. At the very least, you’ll need a high quality USB mic and a soundproofed room like a closet. If you have a place that you can access, you will be more likely to send out auditions and answer inquiries.

Follow me on social media where I will share my tips and experiences about voiceovers, @tastykeish on twitter and IG.

This is my latest voice over for Family Story Project.

Resource List:

The Voiceover Guide by Steven Lowell

VO e-books by

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