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Podcasting for Businesses

20 Sep 2016 | Categories: Blog, Media, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

As more and more businesses and professionals leap into podcasting, one should know- there’s more to it than constant commercials for your product. In fact that should be the last thing on your mind. Here are some of the first things that you should be thinking about:

Create high quality accessible content. 

Produce a high quality podcast by planning your guests, getting the right equipment, and having your script or notes at the ready. Study keywords and titles to maximize its reach online. Make your podcast easy to access by adding it to directories, and sending it to as many platforms from iTunes to Stitcher to Youtube to Soundcloud and more.

Humanize your industry. 

By putting a voice to your profession, you bring listeners closer to your product. Imagine being a funny plumber with a podcast about the awful things that get stuck in toilets? You’ve entertained and you have an opportunity to tell people what not to put down their toilets. Don’t just try to sell, sell, sell. Tell a real story.

Become an expert. 

Through the power of conversation and consistency,  you establish yourself as an “expert”. Tips, tricks, and information empowers your listeners and builds your reputation as a trusted source.

Shares as interaction. 

Your content being shared is a very direct way to market and follow up on these interactions by saying thank you and asking follow up questions. If the content is on their facebook page- interacting with them “bumps” the conversation to the top of their feed. For comments on your own tracks, do the same and ask them to share with their friends after each genuine exchange. When your listeners comment or share with their community, it’s one of the highest forms of trust building.

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