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07 Jul 2018 | Categories: Blog, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

My mentor, Andrew Ramsammy told me that the best way to integrate one’s old life with one’s new life is to “make it part of the story”.

For a long time I was compartmentalizing my life as a (former) nurse and a radio producer/host/insert any other job. I was doing both concurrently, but never should they meet. Most people didn’t even know I had a “day job”. Eventually, burning the candle at both ends wore me out and I knew I wasn’t helping people in a way that really moved my spirit.

Fast Forward thru MANYYYYYY life changes and getting to 2018.

I’m now in audio/radio/podcasting semi- full time and I have found one of my most absolute JOYs in helping people make radio/podcasts/ audio. At first, and sometime still- I didn’t want to talk about my old life as a nurse. I still associate it with times that were painful for me, but it comes up over and over again. It comes up in my teaching style,  the jobs I take on, sometimes the way I dress, and ultimately the fact that I want people’s podcasts to LIVE and I want to HELP them start off on the right foot.

I wanted to share a few of the different workshops I’ve done so far in 2018 that have energized me as much as I hope the participants were:

1.  Girls for Gender Equity:  I lead a media training and podcast workshop with the Young Women Advisory Board of GGE because they  wanted to make sure they were able to represent themselves well in front of and behind the mic. Getting your message across well is one of the top concerns for young activists today.


2. SUNY Downstate School of Public Health: What former nurse doesn’t jump at the chance to talk to doctors? I got to flex some of my past life expertise and current life expertise and show the Public Health doctors how they could integrate their work and distribute their findings to the public via podcasting.


3. Allied Media Conference, The Art of Interviewing: My partner, Conscious and I take a holistic approach to interviewing. We like to say “the interview happens BEFORE you press record.” We talked to a standing/sitting anywhere you can fit into- room only, about all the things that lead up to a good interview and once you have that, executing the interview itself.

4. Spotify Sound Up Bootcamp: No doubt this one blew up all your social media feeds. 18,000 Women of Color podcasters applied, 10 were accepted and came to New York City for an intensive 5 day podcasting program and a chance to win a production budget for their podcast from Spotify. I was able to meet with, talk to and go through the ins and outs of podcast/radio technology from mics, to mixers, to editing with 10 wonderful women that are poised to change the podcast game with their ideas.

So here I am, making it part of my story. Caring for people through audio. Caring for listeners through teaching thoughtful audio making. I’ll never stop being a nurse at heart, just a different kind…

….and the Radio Doula was born. Thank you Sofia Quintero.