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How to crush crippling self pity and doubt….

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The title of this post sounds super dramatic right?

I knowwwwwwwwwww, but that’s how I’ve been feeling since stepping fully into the audio world with my very unconventional resumé and not getting any results from the conventional arenas I sought validation from. Rejection is a helluva drug. Wages not commensurate with your experience is a buzzzzzzzkill.

But mostly, I was seeking VALIDATION. And when you seek validation, you relinquish your power and peace of mind.

I was angry, I was worried, I was stressed out. I wondered my place in the scheme of things and wondered who I was.

I spent so much time doing that, I lost sight of what I had accomplished in my most productive year YET.

So I took inventory:

  1. Cast, produced, sound designed, directed my first audio drama in less than 30 days.
  2. Took said audio drama on tour through the midwest, USA to Hear Now Audio Fiction Festival, Allied Media Conference, and more.
  3. Retired from my 1st career as a healthcare professional.
  4. Facilitated 4 of my podcast intensives, The Podcasters Retreat (6 hours each, 2-5 ppl per session) and provided follow up guidance. Received rave reviews from participants.
  5. Was invited to Giant Steps conference for creative entrepreneurs in Minneapolis, MN. Gave an awesome podcasting workshop and spoke on a panel about authenticity. Received rave reviews from participants.
  6. Facilitated a packed workshop at BRIC Arts Media about podcasting during their 2017 Media Maker Weekend. Received rave reviews from participants.
  7. Produce really awesome episodes of hyper local news podcast, Third Rail by award winning citizen journalist organization, Brooklyn Deep.
  8. Produce podcasts for private clients.
  9. Produce a pilot for a recognized network.
  10. Take ProTools classes. Cause you can’t learn enough.
  11. Wake up EVERY Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to do your own live morning online radio show at 10am EST, TK in The AM. Book amazing guests, have insightful interviews, be interactive, inspiring, and consistent.
  12. Produce TWO 12hour marathon live audio marathon events and a film night centered around POC film, providing a platform for a multitude of often unrecognized media makers.
  13. Help out at Third Coast 2017 in Chicago by live tweeting many of the panels and 2 of the keynotes, increasing the value of said twitter account during the event.
  14. Hosted several events and panels and venues in NYC.
  15. Work through BRIC to mentor non- profits for Domestic Workers and lawyers with clients dealing with domestic violence and immigration issues, how to create their first podcast.
  16. Contributed to The Stoop Podcast as a producer/engineer.
  17. Was a talking head on BET for mother’s day. (fun!)
  18. Was named one of’s rising Black public media talents.
  19. Do a webinar for the Association of Independents in Radio about taking career risks.
  20. Teach a podcast webinar to members of Echoing Ida, a platform dedicated to Black women in journalism.
  21. Was in a book (Testimonies from The Table) filled with Black women inspired by Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” and presented to her at the Guggenheim Museum.
  22. Ask tons of questions, met tons of people, asked more questions.

It wasn’t until I shared photos from my year on instagram  that I realized I was beating myself up over small potatoes. I was worried about metrics that are important to conventional society.



and just when you think you’ve given up- remember who you are and what you’ve done, cause you’re doing great. Make a list, write that shit down, and never forget it. talk to friends, let them help you, let them teach you, let them root for you. 

Happy New Year.



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Rising Black Talents on!

Categories: Blog, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

I’m gonna tell you a secret.

I have always wanted to be on a list. 30 under 30. 40 under 40. Best something hat wearer… anything.

Just when I gave up on that dream, I got the wonderful news that I am on a list of Rising Black public media talents, in, one of the most important publications of my industry.

And this wasn’t a “who-you-know” stroke-fest,  it’s legit. There are supremely talented Black audio producers from across the country recognized and nominated by people like you that think we deserve it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.12.22 PM

As a freelancer, you have to constantly show your worth. In between gigs, it’s important for me to try new things, level up my skills, and create audio projects that are diverse and show a breadth of knowledge.

I’m keenly aware that we are the legacies of people before us that made it possible that couldn’t even think of having programming on the air. As the number of People of Color owned radio stations and shows dwindle even further, it is important for our stories to be told by POC producers, hosts, podcasters, and editors.

This is why I love my work.

I do it for me and I do it for “us”. Anyone else that receives the message is welcome to enjoy it.

Thank you all for the kind words (PS: who said that really nice thing about me in the article??) and the nominations. It means the world to a girl that sometimes thinks the world doesn’t want her to win.



Read: “Black talents in public media you may not know but should.”

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