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Rising Black Talents on!

Categories: Blog, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

I’m gonna tell you a secret.

I have always wanted to be on a list. 30 under 30. 40 under 40. Best something hat wearer… anything.

Just when I gave up on that dream, I got the wonderful news that I am on a list of Rising Black public media talents, in, one of the most important publications of my industry.

And this wasn’t a “who-you-know” stroke-fest,  it’s legit. There are supremely talented Black audio producers from across the country recognized and nominated by people like you that think we deserve it.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 11.12.22 PM

As a freelancer, you have to constantly show your worth. In between gigs, it’s important for me to try new things, level up my skills, and create audio projects that are diverse and show a breadth of knowledge.

I’m keenly aware that we are the legacies of people before us that made it possible that couldn’t even think of having programming on the air. As the number of People of Color owned radio stations and shows dwindle even further, it is important for our stories to be told by POC producers, hosts, podcasters, and editors.

This is why I love my work.

I do it for me and I do it for “us”. Anyone else that receives the message is welcome to enjoy it.

Thank you all for the kind words (PS: who said that really nice thing about me in the article??) and the nominations. It means the world to a girl that sometimes thinks the world doesn’t want her to win.



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