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Crushing the First Quarter…

Categories: Blog, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

I know what you’re thinking…

Why even post a blog if it’s gonna take this long between them?

In my defense, I was totally out in the world making the magic that makes writing a blog in 2018 worth it. lol.

Things that happened:
1. Got a Brooklyn Arts Council grant for my next audio drama!

2. Wrapped up working with my amazing students at BRIC on their podcasts.

3. Followed up on some opportunities that didn’t pan out. But, it’s OK- what is not meant for me, is not for me. (At least it’s what I tell myself)

4. Held my own as a guest on Friends Like Us podcast as a guest with some heavy hitters, Dulce Sloan of “The Daily Show” and Mike Britt of “Luke Cage”. Hosted by comedienne, Marina Franklin. Listen HERE.

5. Was interviewed about podcasting and radio and being a free thinker on the New York Said podcast by Amon Focus. That dude has a cleeeeeannnn show. I love it. Listen HERE.

6. Locked in some workshops teaching podcasting to Public Health docs at SUNY Downstate. This should be a great challenge. We can def use more healthcare pods in relatable language for the community.

7. Locked in another opp that is tentative but a very big deal for Summer. (Stay Tuned)

8. Currently teaching podcasting at a shelter for about 6 weeks through the Brooklyn Public Library.

9. And my favorite thing that happened was that after so many years as a self made radio/podcast person dedicated to showing and proving who I am and what I am capable of….I have been added to the infamous Pod Squad roster over at Buzzfeed!

Meet all the producers behind your fave Buzzfeed pods!

I’m producing Thirst Aid Kit, a show about desire by hosts Nichole Perkins and Bim Adewunmi. It’s hilarious, fun, smart and i’m excited to be part of the team.
Season 2 starts Thirst-day, March 29th! Subscribe to get it directly to your feed.

















Needless to say, I’m excited and clearly I have given up writing in paragraphs.

Best to find updates about me in real-time is instagram or twitter, @tastykeish. Just incase it’s another 3 months before I give you a reason to visit again. <3

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20 Day Audio Drama – The Comet by W.E.B DuBois

Categories: Blog, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

In this post we go behind the scenes of the live broadcasted dramatised reading of “The Comet” by W.E.B Dubois. Also, my first time producing and sound designing this type of audio work.

For Black History Month I had the smart idea to broadcast a Black audio drama or live reading. Except that, I couldn’t find any in the public domain that we’re well read/acted and generally the pickings were slim. So I DIY an audio drama. Here’s some candid info about the process:

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Podcasting for Businesses

Categories: Blog, Media, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

As more and more businesses and professionals leap into podcasting, one should know- there’s more to it than constant commercials for your product. In fact that should be the last thing on your mind. Here are some of the first things that you should be thinking about:

Create high quality accessible content. 

Produce a high quality podcast by planning your guests, getting the right equipment, and having your script or notes at the ready. Study keywords and titles to maximize its reach online. Make your podcast easy to access by adding it to directories, and sending it to as many platforms from iTunes to Stitcher to Youtube to Soundcloud and more.

Humanize your industry. 

By putting a voice to your profession, you bring listeners closer to your product. Imagine being a funny plumber with a podcast about the awful things that get stuck in toilets? You’ve entertained and you have an opportunity to tell people what not to put down their toilets. Don’t just try to sell, sell, sell. Tell a real story.

Become an expert. 

Through the power of conversation and consistency,  you establish yourself as an “expert”. Tips, tricks, and information empowers your listeners and builds your reputation as a trusted source.

Shares as interaction. 

Your content being shared is a very direct way to market and follow up on these interactions by saying thank you and asking follow up questions. If the content is on their facebook page- interacting with them “bumps” the conversation to the top of their feed. For comments on your own tracks, do the same and ask them to share with their friends after each genuine exchange. When your listeners comment or share with their community, it’s one of the highest forms of trust building.

For more, check out my 1 min Podcasting tips and tricks:

Sign up for the October edition of The Podcasters Retreat, my one day podcasting intensive in NYC! Register HERE.

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The Podcasters Retreat

Categories: Blog, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

I am very excited to announce that after teaching children and fielding questions from peers, that I will be teaching a class about podcasting!

 The Podcasters Retreat is a small conversational style one day intensive that takes you through basic broadcasting and sound techniques for the 21st century. Topics that are tailored to the group as well as organizing the flow of your show will be discussed over a catered lunch.

A video posted by tastykeish (@tastykeish) on

By the end of the day you will have a better understanding of where to start with your podcast and the action steps to realize your goals. 

A video posted by tastykeish (@tastykeish) on

Summer session is on June 26th.

For more information contact me directly HERE

Happy Podcasting!


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My life in the sunshine…

Categories: Blog, panels, Radio Life | Posted by: TastyKeish

Summer’s over, but I feel like I’m still coming into bloom.

The year started off rocky all the way through the Spring season with moving and then through the Summer dealing with feelings from all the places that feelings come from.

Then things started to happen. Things I said I wanted in life, I started to get:

  • After an internet thief absconded with my domain name two years ago, I watched it and had it on back order waiting in the shadows for the wicked soul to slip up and release unto the world the domain name that should rightly be mine. ::ends dramatic scene:: Soon, you’ll be able to get here via tastykeish dot com as well as dot net!

The Bondfire Radio Audio Festival!! We did it. We went bigger and better and more amazing than the first time around. We had community sponsors, vendors, live musical acts, and every single show on the roster broadcast from the beautiful rooftop of our building location in Brooklyn. For the recap visit: Another Bondfire Radio Audio Festival in the Books

  • For awhile now I’ve been talking about wanting to be on panels, host events again,  and enjoy more professional conferences…  We’ll i’ll be that! ::cues the Redman:: This Saturday I’m on double duty, moderating the “Dating as a Nomad” panel at the #NDMN travel conference at 11am and later that evening hosting a great concert at the Success Garden in East New York for FTF Presents, a non profit based on growing the community thru the arts.

Another thing I’ve been letting the world know i’m available for is freelance work in my field of audio. And the universe provides! I’m open as a consultant for people that need help starting their podcasts and radio programs. Soon they’ll be a button in the side bar for you to make an appointment with me. We can kick it thru Skype and have a great chat about what you would like to accomplish with your programs. Also, I am the producer of The Arielle Loren Show, a new podcast focused on the nitty gritty journey through creative entrepreneurship. I really love all the guests that we’ve had so far and Arielle is a top notch marketing expert, business owner, and Harvard Business grad!

That’s not it by any means. It’s just the beginning of the rest of my life.

Are you in bloom?




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