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Unbossed and Unbought….

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That’s the name of my episode of Women of Action, an amazing web show hosted by Lenina Mortimer that highlights women that are active in their industries.

It had been some time between the taping of that episode and it’s release and as I look back at everything that has gone on in my life to throw me for a loop and realize watching this interview that I AM STILL STANDING. (Can I get an Amen?)

During and following the time of that interview taping- my family life, housing situation, stress making sure the radio station would have a home was taking it’s toll. I had rage-y moments, crying fits, overeating, whole days where I had to just sleep. All to counter me just getting through the day being “TastyKeish”, being on the radio fatigued by yet another racially motivated  incident, going to events, and living up to the smiling fun(ny) reputation I’m known for, and by night working a job that after 15 years I feel uninspired at.

I was living two lives and I needed a plan.

I want(ed) to truly become “unbossed and unbought”.

My plan is to retire from my night work in 2016. I am half way there.

I just landed a position as an audio producer for a marketing professional. I am committed to saving and rectifying my personal finances. I am committed to Bondfire Radio. I am committed to learning new things in the audio industry to open more doors for myself and find work in my field. I am committed to finding a therapist and having hard conversations with myself. I am committed to becoming forever whole.

Thank you Women of Action for reminding me of my power.


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Charla Harlow’s Real Talk

Categories: Blog, Media, Multi Media Gallery, Multi Media Gallery, Video | Posted by: TastyKeish

In this episode of Real Talk,  TK of TK in The AM joins host Charla Harlow to discuss Jay-Z and Beyonce’s role in the BlackLivesMatter movement, the murder of London Chanel, Raven-Symone vs Harriet Tubman, Mary J. Blige’s “dancery” decoded.

Very thankful to Charla for creating a safe space for Black people to discuss matters of importance to Black people. I look forward to jumping into the mix again!

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